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Friday, January 11, 2013

Game Night Pajama Party

Sometimes, hosting a get together can take a lot of work...but a game night pajama party is the exception.  Instead of serving dinner, provide easy store bought snacks for your guests like trail mix, nuts, and pretzels.  Have these arranged in matching serving bowls within easy reach so you can munch all night. 

For dessert, lay out an array of gourmet treats like praline cookies, chocolate covered almonds, and truffles.  Again, these should be in the same place you are playing games.  For my party, I lined treats along the TV stand.

The party doesn't stop there - have champagne and drinks on hand in addition to a variety of games.  We played Mexican Train Dominoes, but I also had Scattergories, UNO, and Apples To Apples within arm's reach.

To make it a really laid back night, ask your guests to wear their pajamas.  It is such a fun and cozy way to spend an evening.  I highly recommend it.

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